What to do While Your Client is Processing

Alison Alhamed | March 22, 2012 | 11:25 AM

MODERN Facebook fan Shalee Candice Connelly, who works in a small town without a lot of salon traffic, needs your help... we KNOW there is something productive/useful she can do while she waits for clients to process—such as prebooking, writing thank you notes, and working on getting so many clients she doesn't know WHAT to do! She says, "I'm wondering what everyone does to pass the time while their client's color is processing. In my salon we offer a bottle of water, diet soda, a magazine or iPad, clean color bowls and then sit and visit!"

What to do While Your Client is ProcessingOur Facebook fans weigh in:

Jeff Noble if you don't have another client just then, review the rest of the day and come up with ideas for the clients coming in later.

Kristin Zara Mahon Eat lunch :P ---- For those of us who don't get a break!

Allyson Miller Up-sell with a mani or do a complimentary hand treatment.

Jayne Conway Do a hair cut, wash-dry-fold towels, dust retail, sweep floors, clean station.

Athena Philip Zieser Ask other stylists if they need anything, shampoo, mix color, foil... etc. Find clients in the waiting area to see if they would like a beverage while they wait... it's all about the team work!

Panache TheSpalon We live in a small town with at least 30 salons, and we have 5 booked stylists! Making your guest feel pampered comes first, but people are busy and lots of times they like a few minutes of quiet time while processing. That gives you time for all of the behind the scenes work that will help your business continue to grow. My motto is "there is never nothing to do at Panache!" :)

Paula Solomon Shaylee I usually have hair cuts in between colors but love it when I don't because I have a chance to get to know my clients better. One of my favorite clients and I like to do the Spot the Difference in the latest gossip mag! I like to hear what they've been up to or what they are planning! They love the extra attention! ..... As do I!

Brynna Leigh Try a hand massage or offering her to soak her feet in a pedicure bowl to relax. Ask her if she would enjoy a complimentary service she has not tired before such a parrafin or a brow wax. She may really like it and start adding them on to her next visit regularly. :)

Marsha Ward A complimentary polish change would be nice, not take too long, but make the client feel special! Especially where you live in a small know how fast word travels!! ;) Good luck to you, & hope you find what works for you, your salon and your clients!

Danielle White We offer wine, coffee, water and all that as well. I work at a salon and spa. And in between clients I look at the spa clients' history and if they have never had their hair done at our salon before I offer them a VIP free shampoo blow dry or face framing foil after their spa service!!

Carrie Morris Depends on what the client would like. Some come in for company and some want to be left alone. I kind of feel them out to see which kind of pampering they prefer. if they want to be left alone with a magazine I either work on my client book or clean something but i stay within the vicinity in case she needs me for anything.

Karla Watson When a client is processing, I make sure they are comfortable but that is when I sit. Take care of your body! A few minutes off your feet can rejuvenate you so you can get through the rest of your busy day. While sitting I do make phone calls as I'm a 1 person do-it-all salon owner/stylist. I have to return calls all day long.

Kirsten Weller Bonilla We do all of the above. I like to also use the time to introduce new services to the guests and introduce our nail, and skin care specialist, do their eyebrow wax at this time, paraffin dip, hand sugar scrub.....etc.This is also a great time to get out pictures and introduce maybe a new hair style or cut to the client, or get them excited about the next visits and plan. endless possibilities!

Maria Angie Ortiz Rodriguez We have books and magazines on the beauty scene, I usually catch up on news and new trends, and of course talk to my client, I make it all about them when they sit in my chair.

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