Do You Remember Your Very First Client?

Alison Alhamed | March 22, 2012 | 12:25 PM

Do You Remember Your Very First Client?We ask our Facebook fans: Do you remember your first client? Were you terrified? Did he or she like the results?

Amanda Jon Miller Lundquist I do. I was. She did and she's still my client almost 20 years later!

Karla Uhlir oh geez. I wasn't on the floor yet. I got called to do a perm and shampoo set. Since I was used to only working on mannequins, imagine poor Olga's surprise when a fly was buzzing around her head so i hit it with a comb! On Olga! omg. I learned to talk or keep them talking to remind me that I was working on a human. Oh it was a great perm!

Nancy Flowers Close Yes- and I was terrified.. just knew she probably knew I was a newbie.

Alicia Knadel Mine was a really old man named Wally. I was halfway through his shampoo before I noticed I'd been getting water all over his face!

Linda Lam My first client unsupervised..I she wanted to go back to her natural. I did it. She cried. I hilighted it. Then she was happy again. That was ten years ago and I still do her whole family's hair : ) ....lesson learned. Don't do their true natural— lol do a little lighter!

Alexander Scott Hair A 12 year old girl who brought a picture of a Japanese pop star! (:

Courtney Brown I remember my first beauty school client. I wasn't scared until we got back to the shampoo bowl and she told me to scrub her hair like a dirty sock. I will NEVER forget that. My first client was one of my friends, so I wasn't scared, I don't do her hair anymore now that I moved across the country.

Melanie Quinn Mine was a Japanese woman who didn't speak a word of English.....for a perm, oh god...

Nicole Anne Nock First client ever, in school, was an elderly man wanting a pedicure. Mainly his toenails cut. They were so thick they broke off in chunks, and flew into my hair!!! He told my instructor I didn't do a very good job. Poor guy needed a podiatrist, not a pedicure.

Cherie Matai Massier Cut her ear.....was absolutely horrible!!

Rachael Hall Wyant I was confident because of great training but nervous. Ill never forget my first client....very sweet.

Jayme Williamson I was terrified...but she is still with me! 9 years later!

Billie-Jo Robbins Spacek Yes, our salon was having a grand opening. She came in for a cut, I suggested color she loved her look and I referred her to our nail tech and she got her nails done. I bought her lunch and she had a wonderful experience.

Nancy Jane Lane ‎30 years ago I did Barbara's nails.I was ready to take on the world. We turned our working relationship into a great friendship seeing each other through thick and thin. Still in the business,own my own salon and my Barbara is still my client but even better my friend!

Tiffany Porter I remember my first one in school! I'll never forget, she was this REAL picky, intimidating older lady getting a trim and style. I was thinking, "If you are this picky, why would you come to a school?" I was sooo nervous....but, won her over that day! She was so impressed she requested me every time she came in until I graduated! She became a very supportive person to me. She would followed me to a salon but it would have been an hr+ drive for her.

Zach Hairborn Schneider Mine was a 4 year old boy while in hair school... He sat in the chair as if he was on a mechanical bull, one helluva moving target. As I cut his hair, the mom kept saying "shorter shorter".... And she would not let me use clippers on him. Went from a Beatles shag to nearly a 1 guard length. This cut took me a good 2 hours... Horrible!

Shannon Steele Yes yes and I messed up his fade but he didn't care. I was so grateful.

Leslie Kay Rees My friend was my first client! I never realized just how curly her hair was until that day. Wow. We couldn't blow dry and style without charging more so she left with it wet. After she styled it at home she called me and asked if she was suppose to have a section in the back 3 inches longer than the rest of her hair! Haha she came back in and I fixed it. I still do her hair and we still talk about that!

Adriana Serrano I can not believe, to this day, how fearless I was. I figured at the end of the day if I messed up I would learn how to fix it. (Mostly with color) I took on anything they gave me. I seriously went to bed thinking about color, and woke up thinking about color. Every where I went I thought about what formula that color was... I was and still am a color geek!! I geek out on it! I could see the same formula twice and be just as excited about it I was the first time. I even have a tattoo now with two tint brushes that says I dream in color..... if this behavior is all bad I don't want to be right!.... My first color client had no idea, and brought friends. I was doing something right!! :-)

Gail Sanderson Gary knew it was my first day behind the chair after assisting for 3 months and a 4 stylist walkout of a 6 chair salon and I was only in beauty school for 2 months! He tipped me $50. As soon as he got home he called and requested a cut with me for his son. So my first day I had my first request...24 years ago!!

Travis Hite ‎4 hour perm on an older woman named Lois. Hair cut and perm. Turned out great but I got her entire back soaked while rinsing and ended up blow drying her back before she left. I still have the sales ticket.

Keith Gahagan I think I blacked out. I don't remember anything. No, just kidding. The school salon put me with a kind woman for a 90° cut.

Deborah Novick My first client as a freshman in beauty college had lice. I thought it was a good way to kick off a 25 year (and counting) career! One certainly does not forget that :)

Lisa Maag Yes, I have been doing her now for over 25 years and she has sent many clients to me!

Christine Strong My first client was scheduled for an airwave in the last 30 minute slot of the day. She took her hair down and it was down to her butt and as soon as I washed it was unbelievably curly. As I was trying to brush it out she actually laughed at me, and I was done with the appt time before I even had my blow dryer out. After staying open 45 minutes later I still wasn't done and the owner came over to talk to my guest. She tried to calmly explain that she had obviously scheduled for the wrong appt time and it should not have included a flat iron and should have explained how much hair she had when making the appt. The whole thing turned into a yelling match and the owner having her leave and asking her to never return. It wasn't my fault but I will never forget it.

Sheila Izenberg Hannibal Circa 1950...she was terrified, I was not. Results were great...shoulder length hair to Pixie cut(popular back in the day. I also did her unibrow into two lovely arches...went on to make-up and that was it for me......still doing make up & loving it

Kathy Morrow yes I do and I was horrified and thought I was going to throw up did the s/c/s and when I gotten done she said it was beautiful. THEN, right after, I had another client with a hair cut and she said it was the worst hair cut she had ever gotten so that burst my bubble bad.

Terri Green Definitely. First cut was a man's hair cut and up until then I thought I wasn't half bad at men's cuts lol. Boy was I wrong. 3 hours later his hair was finally done but next time he came back he requested me so guess it was as bad as I thought I had done.

Erin Mayo- Noah I have been laughing out loud reading these!! I tried giving my husband a high n tight. He was in the army at the time. Well I guess it sucked so bad that the army guys made him shave it :( The first hair cut I had in school was a woman though, and it went swimmingly!

Stephanie Kay Pulled her hair through a cap to highlight, (15yrs ago). Lightened her hair, took her to shampoo bowl, rinsed lightener off her hair, took off cap, sent her back to my chair, that's right... For some reason I didn't shampoo her and I thought she was gonna have a heart attack when she saw her hair.... It looked like spaghetti noodles on her head! I could have died! Took her to sink, washed it and turned out fine :-) learned to foil after that!

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