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Advice on Eating Better When Eating Out and at the Salon

Anne Moratto | March 23, 2012 | 9:50 AM

Recently, I had the good fortune to spend time with Brigitte Britton, an Organic Chef, Holistic Nutritionist, Author (book number three is The Mega Way: A Comprehensive Holistic Nutritional Guide) and Entrepreneur. She also understands the demands of working in a salon—her brother owned one in Beverly Hills for twenty years.

Because our Modern Salon Facebook page had been buzzing with talk about fitness and nutrition and how to create balance in the life of a busy beauty professional, I asked Brigitte for some common sense advice on living a healthier life.   She advocates first and foremost self-acceptance-- right here, right now.

“If you’re true to yourself then you aren’t waiting for someone else to come in and make your life work,” she says. “You know that you’re in charge and that the food isn’t jumping into your mouth.  You do have choices.”

She also empathizes with those in the business of taking care of others.  “I serve people, too,” she says.  “But I know that you must take care of yourself first or you don’t have anything left to give.”

 Bio: Brigitte M. Britton, H.N., is the Founder of THE MEGA WAY, 30-day Holistic Nutritional and Fitness Lifestyle Program. Follower her on Twitter @MegaWayShakes and learn more at

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