Rejuvenol's Glycóliss Smoothing Treatment

Lauren Salapatek | March 30, 2012 | 1:40 PM

Rejuvenol has just formulated a new smoothing treatments—Glycóliss. This keratin smoothing solution is specially formulated with a combination of Alpha Hydroxy Acid,  Amino Acids and Carboxylic Acids at a precise pH levels. The assemblage of these components along with other proprietary elements results in smooth hair, shine, frizz reduction, controlled volume, more manageable hair and less breakage.

To complement this product is the Glycóliss Xtending Spray. This versatile spray can be used as either as a stand alone styling aid or as an accessory to go along with the Rejuvenol Glycóliss Smoothing Solution.  Formulated with a mixture of conditioning polymers, submicron silicones, botanical extracts and vegetable protein, this product helps repair hair without weighing it down.

These products are heat-activated. For more information visit

Rejuvenol's Glycóliss Smoothing Treatment

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