Dramatic Effects

April 2, 2012 | 1:26 PM
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fuschia spirit - The model’s base color was deepened to inky black, then sliced with vertical sections of dark purple, soft lavender, light pink and magenta. The color slashes were applied using Vero Color Intensities on pre-lifted sections.
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hot hues - Yellow, orange and red were added in slices to add contrast to the deep, level-4 brunette base.
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pale & purple - Moreno used Vero K-PAK Color Crème Lightener to lift the model’s strands to icy platinum. Then he created diagonal sections in the fringe area, and alternated slices of dark blue, light blue, soft magenta and pink.
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Hair: Addam Moreno, Joico Guest Artist and Color Specialist
Photography: Babak
Make-up: Cheryl Gushue

The new collection, called Ghost, from Joico guest artist Addam Moreno toys with perception—teasing the eye and challenging realities. Fuschias and pastels, created using Vero K-PAK Color and crème lightener, combined with subdued make-up and effects, add to the ghostly pallor. “I imagined the afterglow of a blinding camera fl ash,” Moreno says, “where outlines blur and colors dance.” Like an X-ray, there is little more than collarbones and opaque fl esh, and the fl ashes of cool blue and magenta hair color evoke the lingering traces of the colorized X-ray camera flash.

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