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Flashback: Kate Winslet, From 'Titanic' to Now

Jessica Galliart | April 3, 2012 | 12:33 PM
Remember seeing "Titanic" for the first time in theaters in 1997 and gazing at all of the tremendous special effects? Or were you too busy keeping a close eye on the many intricate, 1910s hair styles seen on Kate Winslet? We understand. Kate is the queen of playing characters with fabulous hair in both period and modern movies. Let's look back at a few memorable looks.
Flashback: Kate Winslet, From 'Titanic' to Now Flashback: Kate Winslet, From 'Titanic' to Now Flashback: Kate Winslet, From 'Titanic' to Now

"Titanic" - 1997

We were first introduced to Kate as a radiant redhead in this monumental blockbuster of 1997 (and of the 1990s). Though her character eventually let her hair down--literally and figuratively--to show off her free-flowing curls, much of the movie featured classic updos and beautiful accessories, including the green butterfly comb shown in some of the more memorable scenes.



Flashback: Kate Winslet, From 'Titanic' to Now Flashback: Kate Winslet, From 'Titanic' to Now Flashback: Kate Winslet, From 'Titanic' to Now

"Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind" - 2004

Kate kept busy with roles in many period films after "Titanic" (she must love living in another time!) but really rose in the ranks with her role in "Eternal Sunshine" opposite the very serious Jim Carrey. But the real scene stealer in the movie? Kate's slightly eccentric hair choices. Holy Kool-Aid and roots, Batman!



Flashback: Kate Winslet, From 'Titanic' to Now

"Finding Neverland" -2004

A bit tame compared to her looks in "Eternal Sunshine," Kate's understated updos with carefully placed curls in this movie with Johnny Depp created a romantic and lovely look for the (again) blonde beauty.



Flashback: Kate Winslet, From 'Titanic' to Now

"Romance and Cigarettes" -2005

Going back to her roots (pun intended), Kate appeared again as a redhead in this musical comedy playing a seductive lingerie salesgirl. Her flashy wardrobe and intense strawberry shade pulled her character together well, even if we favored her "Titanic" shade of red more.



Flashback: Kate Winslet, From 'Titanic' to Now

"Revolutionary Road" -2008

Together again! Kate reunited with Leonardo DiCaprio for this film set in the 1950s about a passionate couple struggling with a move to the suburbs. Kate's polished soft waves, and then slightly mussed bob added to the drama and swings throughout the film--and how about that golden blonde shade?


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