How-to: Cat Eye Shimmery Nail

Lauren Salapatek | April 19, 2012 | 8:55 AM

Achieve this "cat eye" look by CND!

Step 1:
Polish a base layer of two coats of Dark Ruby.
Step 2:
Follow with one coat of Copper Shimmer (substitute Ice Blue Shimmer or Emerald Shimmer Effects for different looks.). Apply SpeedeyTM Top Coat and allow to dry to the touch.
Step 3:
To create the “pupil,” paint a coat of Blackjack from the center of the nail to the extension edge. Begin on one side of the nail, then mirror on the opposite side and smooth out.
Step 4:
Apply Super Matte Top Coat to pupil only and allow to dry.

How-to: Cat Eye Shimmery NailHow-to: Cat Eye Shimmery NailHow-to: Cat Eye Shimmery Nail

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