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Coachella and Beyond: Music Festival Must-Haves

Anne Moratto | April 20, 2012 | 3:06 PM

The day Coachella tickets went on sale, Twitter blew up with ‘Got mine!’ tweets and everyone understood the reference. This festival draws thousands of music lovers, and, like Bonnaroo in Tennessee,  Lollapalooza in Chicago, Hangout in Alabama, Wanee in Florida or Summerfest in Wisconsin, it’s also the scene of super creative styling. The hair, makeup and clothes sported at these gatherings are posted online and copied long before the roadies take the stage.  So, when you or your clients are whirling in the desert, camping under the stars or pounding pavement to the sounds of your favorite bands, recommending the right products will keep everyone looking like a headliner.

Tauri Laws-Phillips, the PR and Media Manager for TIGI Haircare, was just at SXSW in Austin, and she relied on these beauty boosters:Coachella and Beyond: Music Festival Must-Haves

“Dry shampoo and re-stylers are super hot for festivals! Try Rock Abolish Dry Shampoo or Catwalk Session Dry Shampoo (use less for darker hair).  Candy Fix Sugar Shock is a smart restyler--spritz it on a long braid or messy bun for a daytime look and unravel for the perfect beachy waves later!”

Others on the hit list: Aloxxi Dry Shampoo; Eufora Touch Up Texturizing Dry Shampoo (available in color tints); and Pravana Fresh Volumizing Dry Shampoo.

And if you want to primp and prepare pre-festival, what are some important considerations? For Maritza Cabezas, Brand Manager for Pedicure Lines at American International Industries, she thinks feet first. “I pick polish colors that I know will last, be versatile and won’t show too many scuffs. When I travel I always wear a dark color on my toes and go for a medium to light on my hands.”  

At Coachella, Cabezas will be wearing China Glaze colors: Aquadelic on fingers and Evening Seduction on toes.

More dark/light combos for fist-pumping good style: OPI Wooden Shoe Like to Know (toes)/Thanks a Windmillion (fingers); CND Shellac Rock Royalty (toes)/Negligee (fingers).

At Summerfest in Milwaukee, control wins out over beachy waves. This crowd favors a sleeker style so women might consider straightening up before they leave home. Look for treatments from Rusk, Macadamia Oil, or Joico.  All offer smoothing systems that will have hair ready for a weekend of rocking out.  To protect hair from Midwest humidity and keep a blow-out frizz free, Sexy Hair’s Weather Proof repels moisture while attracting lead singers.

Jason Hall, Co-Owner/Managing Director of RED 7 SALON in Illinois has been styling like a rock star at Lollapalooza (Chicago) lounges for several years. He looks to AVEDA's Pure Abundance Hair Potion because "this pocket-size miracle adds sexy volume to limp, sad locks - absorbing 'summer head' oil to give you clean, big hair worthy of a rock star's entourage!"

MODERN SALON editors will be on the ground at Lollapalooza capturing the best in festival style. Finally, click on this link to catch up on Coachella hair color trends.  Happy Head Banging!

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