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April 24, 2012 | 2:30 PM
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Geometric Evolution - The structured, geometric shape of Jake Thompson’s finish was an evolution from thin, fine hair to a full, ’50s-inspired, modern silhouette. “At first I wasn’t sure what I would create,” he says. “Although my model’s hair was thin and fine, I knew I could work around it.” Three bags of hair enhancements were used to fill in what was needed to create this loosely waved, gravity-free bob.
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Faux-Hawk - Elisha Heard’s on-trend multi-textured fauxhawk was designed by adding height in the crown. After curling the hair, she braided commercial hair into the length of the models hair to create a fishtail braid in the back, which she then wrapped around her neck. “My vision was realized,” she says. “This result is different, unusual.”
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’60s Antoinette - For this shorter, tightly textured look, Andor Bubelenyi was inspired by hair of two different eras. “This look is Marie Antoinette meets the beehives of the ’60s,” he says. “I was inspired by the idea of combining textures and shapes from different periods to create a look that is classic, yet fresh.”
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Wild Woman - For Jennifer Mulvaney and make-up artist Nurdan Celik, inspiration for the safariinfused finish came from the model and Celik’s make-up kit. “It’s a fresh look with a wild side,” Celik says. “The emphasis is on the pop of color, texture, and pattern in the eyelashes. It’s about finding balance and creating a beautiful contrast.”
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Textured Femme - Andor Bubelenyi was inspired by ’80s nostalgia while creating his longer, half up/half down microcrimped finish. “It was in the ’80s that fashion and music really started to inspire my approach to hair,” he says. “This feeling continues to fuel my work today.”
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Photography: Roberto Ligresti
Make-up: David Maderich,
Fashion styling: David Widjaja

The creative juices were flowing at Artist Session 8, MODERN SALON Media’s two-day workshop designed to offer direction, inspiration, enlightenment and a top-notch photoshoot opportunity for professional hairdressers. The event focuses primarily on creativity and giving motivated and talented salon professionals license to create any style imagined on professional models.

The artists, some experiencing their very first photo shoot, twist, turn, tease, place, curl and pin to turn these models into cover-worthy finishes. The process is fun and the finishes are uniformly dazzling. “At this point I’ve shot more than 70 Artist Session finishes,” says photographer Roberto Ligresti. “The stylists always surprise me by coming up with looks that are outside of the norm and unpredictable. This session represents a perfect collaboration of hair, make-up, fashion and photography.” For information on how you participate in an upcoming Artist Session workshop, visit

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