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Rusk's Naz Kupelian Demos Modern Texture

Maggie Mulhern | April 29, 2012 | 10:22 AM

Naz Kupelian, Rusk Creative Team member and owner of the Naz Kupelian Salon in Lexington, Massachusetts,  is often found on stage demonstrating new ways to use a flat iron. “It’s not just for straightening,” he says. “If used properly, an artist can get unusual or non-traditional texture.” In this video, Kupelian uses a Rusk Flat iron and Rusk Thermal Protectant spray to turn his model from a daytime look to an evening finish.  “It’s a quick solution,” he says. “I’m really going for body and texture.” Using a sliding and turning technique, Kupelian curls the hair “like curling a ribbon.  This is a great way to create a non uniform curl.” According to Kupelian, holding the iron vertically and mixing up “curling in” versus “curling out” is one of the best ways to create a more natural curl.

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