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Celebrity Mother-Daughter Styling

Jessica Galliart | May 1, 2012 | 7:05 AM

Like mother, like daughter. With Mother's Day just around the corner and the thought of an influx of mother-daughter duos heading to the salon together for a day of pampering, we looked to the stars for some style inspiration for mature women in search of a trendy, age-appropriate look.


Celebrity Mother-Daughter Styling Madonna and daughter Lourdes
Lourdes may not be sporting the same wild texture and volume her mother did when she burst onto the scene in the 1980s, but she's still the spitting image of the material mom. Here, the two go sleek for the red carpet, with Lourdes sticking to her naturally near-black color and Madonna showing just the right amount of roots with her usual bright blonde.


Celebrity Mother-Daughter Styling Susan Surandon and daughter Eva Amurri
Who doesn't love a natural redhead? How about two natural redheads not only in the same color family but also in the same family family? Though Eva has experimented with deeper reds and some dark browns, Susan has always rocked her naturally auburn color. And that texture? Susan's curls continue to hold up well with age.


Celebrity Mother-Daughter Styling Goldie Hawn and daughter Kate Hudson
Those who dye together stay together? These Hollywood relatives have been connected at the hip since Kate began following in her mother's footsteps, which she has also managed to do in the stylist's chair. Kate's beautifully constructed, nearly-ombre at times blonde helps confirm her status as the modernized version of Goldie, who, of course, has stuck with her golden blonde style for decades.


Celebrity Mother-Daughter Styling Ashlee Simpson and son Bronx
OK, so Bronx isn't a famous daughter, and Ashlee is still a young one, herself. But that hair of his is sure setting him up for rocker stardom. Ashlee's son with musician Pete Wentz inherited his refreshing blonde from his mom, who in recent years crossed back over to the lighter side after experimenting with dark browns and ruby shades.

Which celebrity women in their 50s and beyond did MODERN's Facebook fans say they admire for their stellar style? Here are a few of the responses.

Sophia Loren! She has never needed an explanation as to why people are captivated by her -Desiree Whittamore

As always, Angelica Houston! -Jessica Thorrez

madonna... her look has changed so many times in her career... amazing transformations... 50+ and still rocks a stage!!! -Crissa Rajczy

Meryl Streep is gorgeous and so natural. -Sherri Jessee

Valerie Bertinelli made a hot comeback right before she turned 50 and she looks great! -Panache TheSpalon

Diane Keaton is my favorite, she has a style all her own, and always looks fabulous! I agree with Glenn Close & Meryl Streep as well. All make me look forward to 50 (in 10 -Kim Ber

Oh and how could I ever forget one of my "ALL TIME FAVES" MS. BARBRA STREISAND! Whom just celebrated her 70th birthday last week. She's still a "hottie"! -Amber House

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