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Behind the Scenes at the Arrojo Expo

Maggie Mulhern | May 1, 2012 | 8:38 AM

The Arrojo Expo offered the ultimate advanced education for the almost 400 salon professionals from around North America who stopped by Arrojo NYC Studio for the 2 day event. Highlights included the "Success Symposium" featuring a panel of top salon owners and educators as well as advanced cutting and coloring classes. In addition to an "Editorial Styling" class, there was a certification workshop for the American Wave, Nick Arrojo's new waving technique designed to replace the perm.

Included here are two behind the scenes videos. The first is of famed salon owner Jerry Gordon from Chicago who offers an inspiring speech designed to reinforce the passion already shown by those in attendance.  I was most impressed by HIS passion. "This craft can't be mastered," he says. "It masters you." Most importantly, it is how he ends his presentation that is the most profound: "He who sweeps the floor is King."

In the second video, we meet Rudy Villalobos, one of the facilitators helping artists get certified in the American Wave.  More than 70 hairdressers were certified after 4 workshops.  "It's a new trend in texture," says Villalobos. "The style and technique is designed to be played with and made your own."

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