Color Bursting Technique

Lauren Salapatek | May 3, 2012 | 8:41 AM

ColorDesignUSA Artistic Director Alex De Rango and his team—Kaycee Childs, ColorDesignUSA educator, and Steffanie Conley, ColorDesignUSA National Director of Training—recommended adding gold and red bursts of color in a free-form pattern to create dimension and pizazz in this model’s level 4 virgin hair.

They call the technique "Color Bursting."

The team debuted the Color Bursting technique at the Denver stop of the Concrete Catwalk Educational Tour, which is bringing new color and design inspirations to stylists via ColorDesignUSA distributors across the country.


1. Mix 40 cc of 8.33 (a medium golden amber) ColorDesignUSA Permanent Color with 60 cc of ColorDesignUSA 40 volume developer.

2. In a second bowl, mix 40 cc of 7.44 (a bright copper red) ColorDesignUSA Permanent Color with 60 cc of ColorDesign USA 40 volume developer.

3. Apply the color with a brush using a freeform baliage technique, alternating colors to add richness and accents.

4. After processing for 25 minutes, shampoo the hair with ColorDesignUSA's Reconstructive Shampoo and condition with ColorDesignUSA's Reconstructive Oil. Blot the hair to remove excess moisture, and comb through a few drops of argan oil.

5. Lightly diffuse the hair. 

6. Finish the look by pinching in wax to provide hold, definition and shine.

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Color Bursting Technique

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