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Make Up Artist Nurdan Celik Highlights for Prom and Bridal Season

Maggie Mulhern | May 4, 2012 | 7:18 AM

Nurdan Celik, Make up artist at the Panico Salon and Spa in Ridgewood, New Jersey, has been busier than ever during this prom and bridal season. Obviously her talent is part of her success, but Celik also surrounds herself with pictures of beautiful make up designs to generate conversation. "It's important that make up artists have visuals for reference. A nude lip to a client may mean something very different to the artist." Fortunately, Celik's visuals are of her own make up designs which she has blown up to poster size. "When I tell clients that I did the make up in the photo, they usually say 'oh, just do whatever you want'."

For the 2012 bride and prom queen, Celik is using highlighter on the cheeks and the lips. "I use it on just about every client," she says. "The trick is to place the highlighter from the high point of the cheek out to the temple." Celik uses a cream highlighter that she applies with her finger, but says that a powder highlighter applied with a brush can be just as effective.

"The finishing touch is of course lip highlighter," says Celik. "Make sure it is placed in the center of the lip for maximum shine. I always give the product to the client to keep. We both want the perfect make up design to last as long as possible!"

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