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Jackie Brode On Maximizing Keratin Treatments

Maggie Mulhern | May 16, 2012 | 5:25 AM

Jackie Brode, a texture manager for American Culture, spends a fair amount of time answering calls on the American Culture Hotline. "It's amazing how many hairdressers don't understand the importance of treating highlifted hair differently from virgin hair," she told me at a photoshoot yesterday. "I keep getting calls asking why the highlighted hair 'gets frizzy'. It's really just because the iron used during processing was too hot."  Brode points out EVERY keratin treatment should be customized. "It's not just about applying the correct formula," she says, "it's equally important to use the correct irons to cure the hair."

For our session, Brode chose model Shana specifically because of her ombre color. "She best represents the client we are seeing these days," says Brode. "Her ends are overprocessed and should be treated differently during this process." According to Brode, 2 irons should be used on this type of hair. "To get the best results, the iron used on the highlifted hair should never exceed 400 degrees, while the best temperature on the virgin hair should be 450 degrees."

In this video, Brode breaks it down for us showing the results on model (and hairdresser!) Shana.

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