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Love and Beauty

Maggie Mulhern | May 21, 2012 | 1:38 PM

Love and Beauty

Who doesn’t love and adore Frank and Belinda Gambuzza? The famed husband and wife team have been beautiful fixtures in the salon industry since the mid 1980’s  after first meeting at the Knoxville Airport while on their way to a hair show in NYC. “It was love at first sight,” Frank told me recently. “And now here we are, 25 years later. I am still in love with her!”

Frank and Belinda own Salon Visage in Knoxville, Tennessee. The salon has grown dramatically since that first meeting and has now become one of the top beauty emporiums in the United States. In addition to working together at the salon, they have also raised (and are still raising) their five children ranging in age from 32 to 14.

I met with Frank and Belinda at the most recent Intercoiffure Spring Symposium in Miami, Florida and was thrilled to see the love-fest in full bloom.

Before handing over the microphone I learned the following:

The best thing about working together:
Belinda:  “Personally: Allows you to share your lives without a disconnect. This connection
allows you to know and love your spouse to the max!”
Frank: “Professionally: As partners, we have 4 eyes and 4 ears with one common goal. Our goal is to get better everyday and have constant improvement. The balance of male and female heighten the ability to lead staff and spoil clients when presented challenges, this has been our experience!”

Advice?  The couple offer some in three parts:
1)  Be Crystal Clear on who is responsible for what, then get out of each others way!

2)  Never forget that the marriage trumps the business on a "scale of importance" EVERYTIME.

3)  (From Frank): When at a 'crossroad of decision making' , keep in mind that God gave women a sixth sense. That's why it's called " WOMEN'S INTUITION"…It's never been referred to as "MEN'S INTUITION", has it?

After the interview I asked Frank if he had any title suggestions. “Love and Beauty kind of says it all, doesn’t it?” he said.  We agree.

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