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Terrence Davidson, Lovin ONE and Nicki Minaj

Maggie Mulhern | June 4, 2012 | 5:12 PM

Celebrity hairstylist Terrence Davidson has been creating wigs and designs for Nicki Minaj since connecting with her 2 1/2 years ago. Those 4000 plus wigs have taken on their own iconic status and have generated as much (if not more) buzz than the star herself.

Terrence Davidson, Lovin ONE and Nicki Minaj


Terrence celebrates the fact that he has been a fan of ONE Styling tools since the company formed less than one year ago. Many of his designs have benefitted from the ONE Verge Bubble Wand which Terrence freely admits is one of his favorite tools. "There is really nothing like it," he told me during a recent interview.

Terrence was invited to present his favorite Nicki wigs on stage at the ONE booth at the Premiere Show in Orlando, Florida. The crowd was huge and crazy and appreciative. "I am his biggest fan," one Jacksonville hairdresser screamed to me as he stepped on stage. "I just love him! He is brilliant, brilliant, brilliant."

Terrence Davidson, Lovin ONE and Nicki Minaj

It seems LOTS of people love Terrence and appreciate his brilliance. The frenzied crowd was yelling and screaming during his presentation and then lined up for photos. It was a blast and a true show highlight.

I was invited to the stage to ask a couple questions of the styling superstar. Sure...the typical "which is your favorite wig?" question didn't stump him, but listen to his answer about how and why stylists should never give up and the importance of working hard.

An equally important question is how Terrence and ONE Styling connected in the first place. After chatting with Terrence, we handed the microphone over to Joe Kim, Chief Marketing Officer and co-founder of ONE Styling, to find out how they found each other. Check out these two videos, the first with Terrence on the ONE stage and the second with Joe Kim right after the presentation.

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