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Phillipe Blond + Jan Arnold + Premiere, The Perfect Combo

Maggie Mulhern | June 10, 2012 | 8:39 AM

CND threw an inspiring and exciting event called The CND Shellac Couture Show, held during the most recent Premiere Show in Orlando, Florida. Modern Salon Media had great access both before, during and after this simply amazing extravaganza that merged high fashion and nail design, and introduced The Blonds co-founder Phillipe Blond and CND founder Jan Arnold to an adoring crowd of nail and fashion enthusiasts.

Before taking the stage, famed designer Phillipe was holed up in the "green room" granting just a handful of interviews. Great news for Modern...we had the honor of chatting for a few minutes! In the first video, find out what Phillipe has to say about the importance of nails in fashion...and how he feels about the iconic Jan Arnold.

The second video took place after the show. I waited patiently as Jan Arnold herself signed autograph after autograph to the dozens of nail artists looking to spend just a moment with the grande dame of nails. After the line dwindled, I invited two Jan-fans to ask her a question directly.  They jumped at the chance to get inspiration from their idol first hand.

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