Zig Zag Sectioning

Lauren Salapatek | June 19, 2012 | 9:34 AM

Want to try a new technique before cutting your client’s hair? Sam Villa, education artistic director for Redken 5th Avenue, suggests zig zag sectioning.

“Cutting hair with horizontal sections is easy, we all do it and the results are predictable and good, but why not switch it up and use triangle sections on top of the head to create exciting texture and volume?” says Villa.

Villa starts with a horseshoe section divided into four triangles by a zig zag line, to create a template that can be customized. The three triangles towards the back of the head can be elevated up to point cut while standing on the wide side of the triangle to create texture and release weight. Or comb the hair up and point cut while standing at the tip of the triangle to leave the length and maintain density. 

“This technique is exciting and gives predictable results with movement to play around creatively,” adds Villa.

Watch this video below for a demo on the technique.

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