Asymmetrical Summer

June 28, 2012 | 9:46 AM
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Draped Drama: Barbara Lhotan was inspired by the fashion at Artist Session. “This dress felt very Bohemian. I wanted to go soft and simple but with a lot of heavy texture and play with the draping.” Looking for drama, she used the Sam Villa Textur Iron to microcrimp the hair. “I skipped like a checkerboard and really played with it, going both vertically and horizontally. It creates such a strong endresult within each panel.” To create what she calls “almost plastic hair,” she brushed it to get a fi nish with less shine and more dimension.”
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Old World: Gay Dering wanted her look to be soft and romantic with an old-world feeling. “But I still wanted a modern editorial twist,” she says. Although there is weight along the top, it is just slightly off center. “I was building the shape around the fashion,” she says. “I selected this soft, loose dress and pushed around the silhouette for balance. Pieces are left out or draped. The hair is sweet and gentle and says romance from front to back.”
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Bohemian Chic: After selecting the fashion, Joanne Fanelli-Babiarz decided to create a “fun, sideswept look.” After setting the hair with a one-inch iron, she added additional hair with pieces and extensions and directed the lengths to one side.
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Androgyny: Androgyny, created by Michael Gregg, has an angular and structured finish that came as a result of casting his model. “She inspired me,” he says. “I asked a lot of questions when we met on the first day. I wanted to make sure she was comfortable.” Although this was Gregg’s first Artist Session, he embraced his opportunity to direct the look. “For the finished look, I wanted something strong and contrasting, both sleek and rough textures.”
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Asymmetrical Summer

At MODERN’s Spring 2012 Artist Session, the artists in attendance celebrated style, shape and creativity. While there were outstanding looks created at every editorial station throughout the studio, the designs created by Barbara Lhotan, Gay Dering, Michael Gregg and Joanne Fanelli-Babiarz acknowledged one of the most powerful trends today: Asymmetry. Perfect for the 2012 wedding season, long, asymmetrical looks work for brides, wedding parties and guests. The balance of the off-weighted silhouette with today’s fashion is modern and fresh.

Photography: Roberto Ligresti
Make-up: David Maderich for
Fashion Styling: Bobby Warden

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