Ice Queens

Alison Alhamed | June 28, 2012 | 10:05 AM
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Crimson Cool - The most timeless graduated "Louise Brooks" bob is redened through the precise application of rich plum, cobalt blue and crimson. Stylers: Cream Parfait Volumizing Styling Foam and Hyper Shine Repair Spray
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Pastel + Platinum - A crown of platinum hair, pre-lightened with Power Blonde and toned with True Integrity Ash Toner, was sliced into deep points and amplified by streaks of Pastel Blue Urban Shock and Blue Urban Shock, paired with a closely cropped undercut. Stylers: White Tea Luminous Gel and Embrace Luxury Hold Hairspray
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Frozen Waves - A blend of candy pinks and purples softly wind through a silky Marcel set. Pre-lightened hair was toned with True Integrity Opalescent Color Crème Ash Toner and sliced with dimension colors of Urban Shock Color Craze. Stylers: White Tea Magical Serum and Velvet Molding Gloss
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Ice Queens

The Colorado Mountains are not just known for the spectacular views and ski slopes, but also for the annual Ice Castle Festival, which inspired the team of Charlie Price, Scruples International Creative Consultant, and Amie Breckenridge Goltz, Director of Field Education and Scruples Academy, who collaborated on this shoot.

When photographer Zuzanna Audette shared the magical, whimsical images she captured at the festival to Price and Breckenridge Goltz, the team knew they had a backdrop for their Glacial Collection, featured here.

After storyboarding with inspirational images that conveyed an “icy cool” feeling—colorist Breckenridge Goltz used pastels, purples and pinks to translate the concept from paper to person.

Cut and style: Charlie Price
Color: Amie Breckenridge Goltz
Photography: Zuzanna Audette
Make-up: Michael Chapman

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