The New Ombre, Fall 2012

Maggie Mulhern | July 11, 2012 | 9:52 AM

Beverly Hills based Mika Fowler is known for her dry cutting technique. She invited international colorist Cherry Petenbrink to join her when she held a"Meet and Greet" for editors at the Eiji Salon in NYC. While there, I overheard Cherry chatting about the next generation of "ombre color" to editor Angelica Catalano.

"Flash Effects is fabulous because it is the new generation of ombre," says Cherry. "Internal highlights are strategically placed. The goal is to create vertical flashes of light, similar to the look created by the flash of a camera." In this case, vertical and diagonal slices were placed internally and through the sides, alternated above and below the recession. Balayage pieces were placed at the front for drama. (formula, all Joico: Vero Lilght Powder Lightener with 20 volume developer. Glaze with Vero Chrome Demi 1 1/2 oz. G9 plus 1/2 oz. N9 with 4 oz. Activator)

As far as the cut is concerned, Mika finds that is the go to cutting method for just about any color design, but especially for the ombre color pattern. "It makes it easier to follow the color placement," she says."It is a great way to cut the hair to accent the flashes of color."

"Together, this cut and color design is a great fall and winter look," says Cherry. "The finished result is both consumer and budget friendly."


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