How-To: JOICO "Big Hair" 80's Style

Anne Moratto | July 12, 2012 | 10:06 AM

How-To: JOICO "Big Hair" 80's Style

The volume was turned up on the music and in the hairstyles during the 1980’s.  Joico Celebrity Stylist Cherry Petenbrink turns to the 80’s trend of “big hair” in this “How-To” but makes it relevant for today. The result is sexy, head-banging summer style.

 “Even before the movie opened, we were seeing ‘80s influences,” says Petenbrink.  “Those ‘80s feathered shapes are reinterpreted as beach waves, directed off of the face, as in the movie with Julianne Hough, for example.  And we were all wearing bright colors in our hair in the ‘80s.  I had pink streaks in my fringe!  Today, those colors are back in a big way.” Petenbrink, who executed the haircolor designs as colorist for the The Hunger Games film, adds, “Nowadays, film influences fashion more and more often.  With Rock of Ages, it’s all about the ‘80s.”


“When it comes to reinterpreting ‘80s hairstyles think center parts, plenty of texture and lots of volume! To make sure the look is modern, the texture should be soft and touchable, not crunchy.  For example,” she adds, “many of my European clients are requesting permanent waves again, which were very popular in the ‘80s.  To keep them looking fresh and current, I use alternative tools—like flexi-rods or magnetic rollers—instead of conventional perm rods. And the volume should be full, but avoid the high, sprayed, Working Girl effect!”

Here’s how Petenbrink creates an ’80s-inspired look for long layered hair:

How-To: JOICO "Big Hair" 80's Style

1. Prep hair with Joico Body Luxe Shampoo and Conditioner.

2. Spray the roots of the hair with Joico Body Luxe Root Lift.  It delivers exceptional body and hold, and the unique delivery system targets the scalp section. 

3.  Apply a generous amount of Joico K-PAK Thermal Design Foam to midshafts and ends.

4. Tip the head forward and blow dry the hair with the fingers, lifting strands up and out from the scalp.  Flip the head back up when the hair is 50% dry.

5.  Create a center part and continue to dry the hair with a round brush.  Hold the brush in a vertical position to create movement and waves—reminiscent of the feathered ‘80s shapes.

6. To create volume at the top of the head, wrap sections half way around the round brush throughout the crown area.

7. Working in vertical subsections, use the Joico K-PAK ReconstRxVaporIron to form loose curls.  Twist the iron as you pull sections of hair through the plates.

8. Apply two drops of K-PAK Color Therapy Restorative Styling Oil to midshafts and ends for shine, and finish with Joico K-PAK Protective Hairspray.



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