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Zerran, Home of RealLisse, Relocates and Triples Capacity

Anne Moratto | July 12, 2012 | 3:23 PM

Zerran International Corporation, maker of Zerran Hair Care professional wet lines and specialty in-salon treatments, begins its 26th year in new corporate headquarters. The move to 40,000 square feet of integrated offices, education center, warehousing and shipping space effectively triples the company capabilities.  Adding in existing laboratory and manufacturing areas, Zerran facilities now encompass nearly 200,000 square feet in its entirety.

Cindy Van Steelandt, Director of Marketing for Zerran, added to this roster of impressive figures. "We have 30 years in manufacturing and our laboratory has a combined 90 years of experience," said Van Steelandt as she welcomed invited guests to a recent Open House at Zerran's newly expanded headquarters. These numbers may explain why Zerran was able to respond so quickly to customer and consumer demand for healthy smoothing systems, even offering a vegan option.  And interest in these treatments, here and abroad, meant more business which, in turn, required more room.

This new phase in the business' growth was recognized at the Open House. The City of Pacoima presented Zerran International President Steve Sauté with a Certificate of Appreciation.

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