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Lauren Salapatek | July 13, 2012 | 10:32 AM

Celebrity groomer, Diana Schmidtke, shares what will be hot for men’s hair when she styles onset, backstage and for the red carpet. “Men’s hair trends definitely have a disconnect happening between the sides and the top. Keep it longer on top and shorter on the sides—think Clark Gable in the ’20s.”

Also, spike takes a hike. “That spiky look is out and so is hard, crunchy product,” she says. “Try paste products, they work well for most men’s hair.” The dry, softer result of applying paste also helps manage thinning hair styling issues. “A gel or pomade can clump the hair revealing thinning areas plus a shiny product reflects light down on the scalp, highlighting those spots.”

Schmidtke recommends for the young, “anything goes” client, to use Hard Wired from MITCH for funkier styles. “It’s the hairdresser’s glue.” Suggest Clean Cut or Reformer for more business-appropriate looks.

Priority Male: Male CallPriority Male: Male Call

Andrew Garfield’s style is an example of a client who isn’t ready for extremely short sides. It is still a ‘bed head’ look, but it features softer texture and longer lengths—1.5 to 3 inches.

In the styling, David Beckham has short hair on the side, almost shaved, but he can wear it different ways. Use a medium-sized round brush to add extra height.

Priority Male: Male CallPriority Male: Male Call

To get Mad Men’s Don Draper look, it’s all in the side part. A more modern version would be slightly more height on the top than what you see in the show. Full hair lines can wear hair slicked straight back while thinning hair looks best with a side part. And to hold it all together? Gel. It’s the one product you can put in wet. Everything else works best on dry hair.

Michael Pitt on Boardwalk Empire wears a versatile style that can be slicked straight back, kept down or swept over the forehead and to the side.

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