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Wedding Day Business Tips

Lauren Salapatek | July 16, 2012 | 2:16 PM

A client’s wedding day should be perfect all around, from the dress to the hair to the make-up. As a stylist, you need to be prepared to create the ideal hair style your client wants—remember a hair style can make or break their confidence on their big day, so you want to make sure you take all elements into consideration. We talked to hair icon, Vivienne Mackinder and she gave us her top tips for creating a successful bridal experience for your client.

1. Help gather ideas: What type of bride does your client want to be? Classic, romantic, trendy, minimalist (clean and simple) fairytale, glamorous, bohemian, couture? Look with them through magazines or have them bring in pictures.

2. Connect their overall look to the setting: Will it be a garden party, beach wedding, cathedral, modern church, or a civil wedding at the town hall? Are all of the elements compatible? Remember your client’s total look “should complete them not compete with them.”

3. It’s all about the silhouette: Make sure the style suits their face shape, with the goal to make their face look oval. What’s the height of the bride, with shoes on, in relation to the groom? Scale and balance must work for the ‘total look.’

4. Do a trial run, possibly a couple. A trial run ensures that you and your bridal client are all on the same page. Recommend to them that they bring a trusted friend or family member with them and have them take photos of the hair (front, sides and back). Keep a photo journal—it’s easy for you and the client to forget what you decide.

5. When the clock strikes 12, will they still look great? Will their hair have longevity and look great from the ceremony to the party? Teach your client’s tricks on how to maintain their style, and recommend the right products that will keep the style looking fresh.

Wedding Day Business Tips

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