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It's All In The Name

Maggie Mulhern | July 17, 2012 | 6:59 AM

It's All In The NameWhen Product Club sent us the release announcing it's new mannequin head named MAGGIE, I was beside myself. So I contacted Mary Albanese, Head of Marketing and Public Relations, to ask her why Product Club would grant this wonderful honor by naming their latest "product" after me.

"Sorry, Maggie," said Mary. "It's all about another Maggie in our life. OUR Maggie has become part of our Product Club family in our offices in Rockaway, NJ. About three years ago, she showed up behind our building with five kittens that were just a few weeks old. She was considered feral at the time so we trapped her, got her spayed and vet checked and then returned to us. All of her kittens found great homes thanks to our local shelter. She continues to brighten our days and we decided to name our new mannequin head after her. If you check the bottom of the box you'll even find her paw print signature!"

Figures. A cat. Do you know how many DOGS I've met (no pun) named Maggie? Oh well...I'm accepting it as an honor anyway.

It's All In The Name

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