Make Up Show Chicago

Valeria Fanelli | July 23, 2012 | 11:44 AM
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Make Up Show Chicago

Hello everybody, my name is Valeria and I am a new intern at Modern Salon. I am originally from Rome and now I live in Chicago. I have been travelling around Europe for a long time and I have had the chance to work with a few fashion designers and style gurus. Last June 17, I went to the Make-Up Show in Chicago and I loved it!

The show featured more than 60 top professionally-focused brands and over 3,000 beauty professionals, buyers, industry educators, press, and retailers all together in this large beauty event. I was surrounded by cosmetics, new beauty products, salon tools and of course some of the best names in the industry like Billy B, AJ Crimson, and Tia Dantzler.

The best part was being able to pick up a number of new beauty products that were launched exclusively at the show. There were a number of professional make-up companies exhibiting like NARS, MAC, Alcone, Senna, Kett Cosmetics, Embryolisse USA, Kevyn Aucoin, and Cinema Secrets, just to name a few.

Make Up Show Chicago

One product that caught my attention was AIRpod body camo Leg and body cover by Temptu Pro. This new airbrush camouflages leg and body imperfections. That’s exactly what I need now! Six months ago, I had a knee surgery and now I have a horrible-long scar on my left knee. I know I shouldn’t feel shy about it, but it is summertime, and I cannot avoid wearing dresses and feeling worried about showing off my scar. Sometimes it makes it a little embarrassing when I need to dress up for official and/or elegant occasions.

This new line of airbrushes solved my problem though! It is created to cover body imperfections like spider veins, age spots, bruises and scars. Too bad I didn’t have the chance to try it on at the show, but the procedure follows the same rules of airbrush make up-application. This new line comes in five skin tones, from light to deep dark. That will work perfect for me, since my skin is so susceptible to the sun and my skin color turns in a lovely bronze, in summer. More information about the new AIRpod body camo at:

While I was wandering around the thousands of marvelous cosmetics at the show, some sparkly little things attracted my attention. I don’t know exactly what the matter is between me and “sparkly,” but I have a chemical-physical attraction for everything that glints: make-up, diamonds, necklaces, rings…! In this case, the object of my attraction was eye shadows. Glittery eye shadows by Eye Kandy.

I found their application process very interesting. When you are applying any glitter, metallics or micas to eyelids, lips or any other skin surface, Eye Candy recommends to first apply their water-based sealer called, Liquid Sugar.

The product is safe for sensitive skin and contact lenses. Here is how to apply it:

Step 1: Gently squeeze a small amount of liquid onto the eye lid.

Step 2: Dip your brush into the Liquid Sugar, slide along rim to remove excess liquid, dip your brush into Sprinkles glitter and apply like liquid eyeliner. When applied, eye lids may feel tight at first, but product loosens up within minutes.

Step 3: When Sprinkles glitter is applied too thick, flaking may occur and the glitter tends to lose its shine.

Step 4: The product takes 30-60 seconds to air dry depending on how thickly it is applied.

Obviously, I decided to try it on. I decided to go for a light purple tone called Icing (S), number 48 that matches with my brown-green eyes. I loved it! My eyes were really sparkly and the eye shadow emphasized their color. It took less than a minute to dry with the help of a little hair dryer and then I was ready. I kept it on until night and it stayed on for the rest of the day without rubbing off on my clothing. For more information on Eye Candy, visit

Finally, after checking out every single product at the show, I walked away with some amazing make-up on and some new products to try. As I walked out of the show, I promised myself that I would be back next year for the Make-Up Show Chicago 2013.

For more information, visit:

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