SalonTech Launches Three New Products

Valeria Fanelli | July 26, 2012 | 9:29 AM
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Revano 350 curling iron
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SalonTech Launches Three New Products

SalonTech launches a new line of products that addresses health concerns and delivers benefits to both stylist and client. The main concerns SalonTech is addressing in hair care today include:

-Health-related issues of stylists including radiation, wrist fatigue and EMF pollution.

-Noise pollution produced in a salon.

-Power consumption. The general idea in the industry is that the higher the wattage, the more powerful the dryer.  

 Three new products are:

AEON S600 DRYER. Features:

-BLDC Motor (Brushless DC Motor). The new motor, called Brushless DC Motor (BLDC Motor) is a NO friction motor that offers several advantages over conventional DC motors found in all other hair dryers. It does not produce bypass heat due to carbon friction and does not need additional openings for cooling.

-Extreme Power and Air Speed. The AeON S600 delivers the same air volume, speed and temperature as the most powerful dryers available today, but using less wattage. Less wattage translates to less energy consumption.

-No Residual Heat. Anytime there is friction that is generated between to objects, heat is caused as bypass product. Because the BLDC motor does not utilize carbon “brush” contact to have the motor rotate, no friction is caused within the motor. No friction means no residual heat.

-Superior Motor Longevity. The BLDC Motor enables the AeON S600 to have an average lifespan of 20,000 hours versus a standard professional dryer that has an average of 2,000 hours.  

-Decreased Energy Consumption. Compared to the standard professional 1875W dryer, the AeON S600 has 15percent less energy consumption. More efficient means more environmentally friendly.

-EMF Reduction. Because there is no coil inside, there is not friction created means no radiation emitted.

-Less Noise. The motor produces less ambient noise, translating to a more pleasant salon environment and decreased noise pollution


-Clipless. Because there is no clamp, curls come out flawless with no kinks or bends.

-Ultra-Smooth Barrel. The revolutionary Black Anodized Coating creates microscopically smooth surface to immediately seal the hair follicle and provide curls with superior shine.

-Auto Shut-Off. The RevANO’s auto shut-off control enables and disables the function with a simple one-button push. Automatic shut off occurs after 30 minutes.

-Superior Ceramic Heating Technology. Even heat distribution throughout the barrel allows for more consistent styling and frizz-free curls.

-Foldable Kick Stand. The foldable “kick stand” enables the iron to rest safely without hassle.

-Heat Proof Glove. Paired with a heat resistant glove, the stylist can avoid extreme heat to his/her hands during the styling process.

-Longer Power Cord. The 9-foot professional power cord allows for better maneuverability while styling.

-Digital Temperature Control. Temperature can be adjusted with the simple push of a button to low, medium and high up to 350 degrees. The 40-second quick heat up equates to less waiting and more styling. 

FEATHERLIGHT 380G. Features:

-Light Weight – Feather Light Engineering. Constructed out of materials that are nearly weightless and ergonomically designed, stylists can finally say goodbye to tired wrists and sore arm muscles.

-Ionic Heat and shine. Ionic Infrared technology generates anions allowing ionic heat to penetrate and lock in moisture, promoting a healthier natural shine.

-Advanced Features. A high-grade concentrator and diffuser are included, and a removable filter allows for easy cleaning. The1600W DC motor enables this dryer to be as powerful as others in its class.


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