HOW-TO: The Businesswoman's Mohawk

Lauren Salapatek | July 27, 2012 | 12:00 PM

HOW-TO: The Businesswoman's MohawkWhen Laura Viera, stylist at Salon Bliss in Boynton Beach, Florida, was asked to create a “modern business woman” for an editorial photo shoot, she quickly thought of creating texture and bringing back the old with a modern editorial twist. “Many stylists would rather use a crimping method, but I knew I needed more volume, frizz and a mix of texture into the style,” says Viera. “The 80s quickly inspired me to do this funky modern look, I name it the ‘Modern 80’Fied.’”

Using CHI Iron Guard and CHI Helmet Head, Viera said these were the two foundational products for her look. “My highest recommendation would be to be as creative as one would like; whether that is wit adding accessories or the height and width of the Mohawk effect.”

Tools and Products: Croc clips, bobby pins, large hair pins, thermal protection spray, finishing hairspray, paddle brush, tail comb, teasing or bristle brush, flat iron 

HOW-TO: The Businesswoman's Mohawk Step 1: Divide the hair with a tail comb into four sections; Top, Left side, Right side, leaving the fourth large section from the parietal ridge and below.
HOW-TO: The Businesswoman's Mohawk Step 2: You will be working in smaller sub sections of an inch and half wide throughout the entire head. Spray thermal protection and divide the section into two-inch wide pieces.  
HOW-TO: The Businesswoman's Mohawk Continue with Step 2.
HOW-TO: The Businesswoman's Mohawk Step 3: Grab a large hair pin over the 1st piece selected at least half way down and wrap the hair around the pin using a figure-8 motion until there is no more hair left. 
HOW-TO: The Businesswoman's Mohawk Step 4: You will need heat to bind the hair together around the pin. Flatiron the pinned hair carefully. There is no room for error as this will provide a frizz texture result. 
HOW-TO: The Businesswoman's Mohawk Step 5: Repeat Steps 3-4 throughout the rest of the hair as you work section by section leaving the top last to work on. Allow hair to cool for a few minutes before taking the pins out. Once this has been achieved, move to the following step. 
HOW-TO: The Businesswoman's Mohawk Step 6: Using a paddle brush, begin brushing the hair out. Once you have completed this, you should have a smooth base and from the mid shaft to ends, a frizz result.
HOW-TO: The Businesswoman's Mohawk Step 7: With a bristle brush or teasing brush, brush the hair away from the face and upwards creating a Mohawk effect. Finishing spray is extremely necessary as you smooth out the sides of the hair with the brush.
HOW-TO: The Businesswoman's Mohawk  Step 8: To secure the sides, criss cross bobby pins from the bottom up until you’ve reached the front/top of the head.
HOW-TO: The Businesswoman's Mohawk Step 9: Begin molding the hair that’s left out of the Mohawk section by rolling it outwards and securing it with hair pins to cover the previous crossed pins. No pins should be visible at this point.

Photographer: Omare Haynes 

Model: Melissa Schaeffer 

Make-up Artist: Dominique DiBenedetto 


  HOW-TO: The Businesswoman's MohawkHOW-TO: The Businesswoman's Mohawk

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