¡Bienvenidos Todos!: Introducing New Blogger Carlos Valenzuela

July 29, 2012 | 12:52 PM

Hola, I am your amigo Carlos Valenzuela. Welcome to my new casa at Modern Salon, where we can chat, with a Latino perspective, about la vida loca and success in the salon industry. I come from a small pueblo in Mexico, (Agua Prieta, Sonora), where my family worked in ranching and cattle. Nothing to do with la belleza, but, from a niño, I was intrigued by beautiful people, hair, cosmetics, bottles and admired those who tried to look their fabulous best. If my parents were puzzled, they didn’t show it. Instead, they bravoed me in every way they knew. I am a chicoa fortunado and say gracias to them in heaven.

¡Bienvenidos Todos!: Introducing New Blogger Carlos Valenzuela

 Growing up, I enjoyed my fabulosas amigas Latinas,who had made an art out of looking their best. I always ran all the errands because my hermanas could not be seen in public on a bad hair or makeup day. “Dios mio,” would be my Nana’s comment. Did you havea similar experience with your famiia?

 Mexico, at the time, was traditionally restrictive of what anyone could do and become, so naturally, I fell in love with the beauty industry and its acceptance of all people. I am forever grateful that I became a peluquero. It has been a great aventura.

 What I like most is the industry’s "the sky is your limit" concept. Few professions offer the option of attaining unparalleled success with a one-year diploma.
What’s that you say? It’s easy for me to say? To this I reply, ¿Que?

Are you having fun? Learning new techniques, creating new estilos, do you go to eventos? In a nutshell: are you into it? "Oh, it’s a “job,” you say? Mmm, stay with me for a few weeks. Allow me to show you my side of the beauty industry.  Mira, I will never be able to stay with anything that does not have enjoyment and satisfaction woven in somewhere. So, your visits to my blog will be like all the friendships I have—real and fun. ;-)

 Let’s begin with this: You were born to be fabulosa, you were created and designed to be absolutely fabuloso. Did something change your mind? Because the world will continue to dictate who you are until you tell the world who you are. It doesn’t matter where you start, where you come from, what you or others think you are, your mission is to be absolutely Fabulous. The beauty industry and the world await your gifts. Won’t you join me? ¡Vamos!

Hasta pronto,


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