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Accurate Color Results

Lauren Salapatek | July 31, 2012 | 12:04 PM

After 12 weeks of partnering with SureTint Technologies in a market trial, a system that guides colorists through the color preparation process, the Mario Tricoci salons in Libertyville, Crystal Lake and Naperville have officially reduced their hair color waste, and have more inventory control and formulation accuracy because of using the system.

The SureTint system uses tablet computers that include a keyboard, LCD touch screen monitor, USB “SmartScale” and SureTint’s proprietary Color Management Software to guide the colorists through the color preparation process. SureTint’s step-by-step process ensures accurate results, reduces errors and simplifies training without interfering with the colorist’s creativity.  Moreover, the system also automatically corrects for operator errors that would otherwise produce incorrect hair color results. The system works with every hair color brand.

The company’s proprietary “Batch Size” methodology determines the exact amount of hair color per service type required without producing excess waste. In addition, salon owners and managers benefit from the system’s production of color room data and analytics.

After using the system, Tricoci salons found that for the “first time in their salons, ‘shrinkage’ was documented and recorded.” Their hair color tube consumption showed 37.8 percent overall savings, compliance by colorists grew to 90 percent, and the projected cost savings went well into the six figure mark annually for the organization.  

In addition to the key results detailed above, SureTint also provided Tricoci colorists with the ability to accurately log and reproduce their client’s exact hair color. Client benefits include an accurate hair color replication (consistent preparation) at any Mario Tricoci salon because of SureTint’s formula and client data management abilities. 

“SureTint Technologies provided us with an exceptional color room management System. The cost savings and inventory reduction figures were exceptional and exceeded our expectations. No serious hair color operation or salon should be without this system,” says Larry Silvestri, senior vice president and chief operating officer, Mario Tricoci Hair Salon and Day Spa.

Mario Tricoci currently operates 17 salons and spas throughout metropolitan Chicago area and surrounding suburbs, employing approximately 1,400 people. 

 “The Mario Tricoci Market Trial results were even greater, in terms of cost savings, inventory reduction and adoption rates, than we anticipated. It is clear that if a well-run, business-minded salon chain like Mario Tricoci can greatly benefit from our system, then the opportunities for the professional salon market as a whole are exceptional,” added Joe Rygiel, managing director, SureTint Technologies.

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