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Personal Style: Damien Carney

August 2, 2012 | 10:59 AM

Personal Style: Damien CarneyIndustry icons praise him, celebrities and photographers request him and countless hairdressers seek to emulate him. Damien Carney’s career spans early days at legendary Covent Garden Salon to today’s role as Joico International Artistic Director. Past winner of nearly all of the industry's prestigious awards, Carney is also in demand on-camera authority and acclaimed on-platform educator. He currently stars in a Joico web series, “Drab to Fab.”


MY STYLE NOW: Forever changing, as it should. Subtle changes like the fashion wheel, otherwise you get left behind the times.

MY STYLE ICONS: Sir Roger Moore as “The Saint.” He was a British TV icon, smooth, smart and super slick. Think Prada, Tom Ford. Way ahead of his time.

MY FAVORITE TREND EVER: The ’70s, my training period. It was all about technique and getting the hair to do something it naturally didn’t want to do. Force it, force it. Then it went all natural. A balance of artistry and technique—perfection!

MY SECRET TALENT: I’m musical. I can play any string instrument. Really, honestly, I can. I

WOULD LOVE TO MEET: God. I have a few questions—a lot, actually, to debate over a cup of tea.

MY FAVORITE BOOK: Dumbo! Need I say more?

MY PERFECT DAY INVOLVES: Joico! Being inspired by my “A” team, in a studio, creating beautiful imagery, I’m in heaven!

MY MOTTO: “I might not like what goes on in the world of fashion at times. It can be silly, impractical, and ridiculous. But I’ve got to embrace it otherwise my work and I will date and get left behind in the history vaults.”

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