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Miley: Shorter, Blonder--Way Blonder

Jessica Galliart | August 6, 2012 | 9:30 PM

When we heard Miley Cyrus made a big move over to the blonder side this week, we considered making a lighthearted “Hannah Montana” joke--her celebrity alter-ego on the TV show wore bright blonde hair pieces. But when you check out Miley’s new, real-life platinum blonde crop, you might agree with us: It looks fierce!

Miley: Shorter, Blonder--Way Blonder  

The 19-year-old star just debuted a much blonder, shorter look via a series of tweets from the chair--in her own house. Famed stylist Chris McMillan, responsible for creating the “Rachel” haircut for Jennifer Aniston, made a rare house call to Miley’s abode to brighten and shorten her honey-highlighted locks, which have gotten progressively shorter and lighter over the past year.

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Miley: Shorter, Blonder--Way Blonder Miley: Shorter, Blonder--Way Blonder

Her ‘do may be significantly shorter, but Miley assured her fans--and the hilarious parody Twitter @mileysbun--that she could still pull her locks up into her signature high bun.

Miley: Shorter, Blonder--Way Blonder  

Besides Aniston, McMillan has styled for celebrities like Sarah Jessica Parker, Taylor Swift, Reese Witherspoon, Anne Hathaway and others. Fun fact: Miley’s former stylist, George, has worked for McMillan in the past at the Chris McMillan Salon.

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