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Flip-Flop Highlights

August 8, 2012 | 12:30 PM

Flip-Flop HighlightsJust in time for back-to-school season, Andrea Shumate, an American Board Certified Colorist (ABCH) who works at 2nd St Hair Salon in Saint Charles, Missouri, shares Flip-Flop Highlights, her top highlighted look teens love. (It’s straight from her “Long Hair Effects Teens Love” class, which she taught at the recent ABCH Energizing Summit.)

To create Flip-Flop highlights, ignore the natural or primary part line and shift to an entirely new one. Working off it, use a tint to create 5-7, back-to-back, horizontal slices. Staying off the front hairline is crucial if you want the “alternative part” highlights to stay hidden until the reveal.

“If the hair is layered, the lightened pieces will show through peek-a-boo style, when the natural part is used,” says Shumate.

Her additional tips for teen-pleasing highlights:

• For longer hair, use longer foils—don’t over-fold

• Try diagonal slices for a woven effect. For retouches use them to find the previously colored hair by parting until you see perpendicular stripes. When you see them, slice in the opposite direction.

• The longer the hair, the more varied degrees of porosity you’ll encounter. You may need two or three different formulas on the same strand to achieve an even look.

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