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Chop Chop: Miley and Other Celebs Who've Embraced the Pixie

Jessica Galliart | August 13, 2012 | 10:28 PM

It's been a busy couple of weeks for Miley Cyrus. Just last week, we watched as the tweets streamed in on the pop star's Twitter account, chronicling a chair session with stylist Christopher McMillan taking her from a subtle honey blonde to a platinum blonde. And this week? All gone!

Chop Chop: Miley and Other Celebs Who've Embraced the Pixie  

Even though Miley tweeted last week that she could still pull her slightly shortened hair into her signature bun, this week, she tweeted as the bun was chopped clean off by McMillan to create her most daring style yet. The new cut, closely shaven on the sides and long and sweeping on the top, has been compared to everyone from edgy pop star Robyn to "Harry Potter' character Draco Malfoy. The latter is a bit extreme, but her new style does ring familiar. Could she have been inspired by some A-list celebrities who have taken the big leap and opted for pixie cuts in recent years? Let's review a few of the more notable ones.


Chop Chop: Miley and Other Celebs Who've Embraced the Pixie Emma Watson

MODERN guest interviewer and stylist to the stars Rodney Cutler is responsible for Emma’s major transformation in 2010, when she debuted her close crop after wrapping filming on the “Harry Potter” series. Emma said on her Facebook page she had wanted to do it “for years and years” and it was the “most liberating thing ever.”

Salon tip: Cutler is kind of a master at short cuts. He has some fresh new tips on razor-cutting short hair to create texture and movement.


Chop Chop: Miley and Other Celebs Who've Embraced the Pixie

Ginnifer Goodwin

The star of HBO’s “Big Love” gradually made her way to her current top-heavy, pixie cut, even though her “Big Love” character wears a classic, slightly vintage shoulder-length bob. How does she do it? Ginnifer says she works a “wig clause” into all of her work contracts that allows for her to wear hair pieces to get into character. Why? “I find it hard to express myself when I’m growing out a very bad character haircut,” she told InStyle in 2011.

Salon tip: Notice Ginnifer's round-shaped face? If your client has a similarly shaped face and desires a shorter cut, use Ginnifer's style as the best example.


Chop Chop: Miley and Other Celebs Who've Embraced the Pixie Anne Hathaway

Some celebs don’t exactly see shorning their locks as a form of liberation or expression--quite the opposite, actually. Anne said she chopped her lengthy style into a pixie cut for her role in “Les Miserables,” and although she wasn’t expecting it to “be a big deal,” she ended up reacting in a “mental patient level of crying...I was inconsolable.”

Salon tip: Anne cut her locks just in time for summer--help your client, who's been eyeing those fresh crops all season, get in an edgy style before summer's officially over with this seasonal look from Cutler.


Chop Chop: Miley and Other Celebs Who've Embraced the Pixie

Carey Mulligan

Can you even remember Carey with longer hair? The Oscar nominee has worn a close crop for years, but it’s not exactly on purpose. After over-bleaching her shoulder-length hair for a role in “Public Enemies” in 2009, she ended up cutting practically all of it off to get rid of the damaged ends. Several years later, Carey’s stuck with the shorter look.

Salon tip: Does your client want to go pixie and platinum (on purpose)? Consider a similar style to Carey's, the transformation from lengthy to cropped by Kate Winslet in 2011.

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