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Gaming the Men's Game with Ivan Zoot

Ivan Zoot | August 16, 2012 | 9:21 AM

Every team needs a quarterback.  Every salon needs a stylist who can break from the huddle to command the specialized categories of today’s salon business.

Can you carry the ball on guy’s haircuts?

Gaming the Men's Game with Ivan Zoot

 Here is my playbook for the key strategies for scoring points with male clients:

1. Snap on a Guard - Be able to deliver quality clipper cutting.  Know how to use guards for more than the "gimme a three" haircut.  Master the game of quickly blending freehand clipper-over-comb.

2. Get with the Grounds Crew - Some guy haircuts are more maintenance, like yard work or landscaping, than full on haircuts.  Be able to line and edge and trim up a guy cut quickly and cleanly.  Offer this as a lower cost, stand-alone service or offer FREE in-between full cut touch-ups.  The every-week guy is incredibly profitable.  He must look right and tight for game day.

3. Go on the Offense - You will need to push clients out of their comfort  zones; get confident in suggesting hair color, specifically the guy-favorite service of grey blending to build sales and secure client loyalty.

4. Go for the Extra Point - Be up to date on fashion and trend in guy’s hair.  "Same as last time" worked in the old barber shop.  If he wanted his dad's haircut he would go to his dad's barber.  Be prepared to share ideas for updated looks and score big.

5. Secure the End Zone - Suggesting and recommending take-home hair care product and rebooking next appointments as you close out a visit are key plays to building guy business.  If you do not stock and sell a full line of male-specific hair care products you are playing in the minor leagues.

The guy season runs all year.  Be in the game before the 4th quarter so you can make the highlight reel.



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