The Reluctant Biker Chic with Carlos Valenzuela

Carlos Valenzuela | August 22, 2012 | 11:48 AM

Life is too short to learn to fold fitted sheets. Pero, my amiga Olga, a woman who had never stepped much into her cocina, (she was unaware she had a trash compactor for over three years) can fold a king size fitted sheet in nano segundos. I often ask Olga to demo at my fiestas to thunderous applause. Now, you know the fitted sheets inventors had a big laugh, “Wait until they try to fold these puppies,” because once you break the vacuum seal, the fabric mushrooms like a nuclear cloud never to be harnessed again by the casual laundry aficionado. I feel cheated. Why no warning labels? “Refolding attempts may induce mood swings, dizziness, increase incidence of self abuse and can lead to domestic violence.” Buyer beware.

The Reluctant Biker Chic with Carlos Valenzuela

Olga had a similar experience with her haircut “It looked bueno in the salon, but once I got to my casa, it was incontrolable” (fitted sheet syndrome). She pleaded that I visit her at her home, since she would not go out. Francamente, it was a good haircut, just not for her. Olga, like most Latinas, is more of a glam girl than a cool biker chica, “My ten-year old niece loves it,” she murmured, making full use of pleading eyes, “What should I do, where should I go, what should I say?”

She reminded me of Vivian Leigh in Gone With the Wind, but passed on commenting because Olga would not know what I am talking about.

I advised Olga to return to her stylist, even is she had to cloak herself in a zarape. “Oh no, I don’t like complaining,” she replied, “I would rather go someplace else.” Latino consumers, if unhappy, speak with their feet; they just walk away and never turn back.

 How many of your clientes just disappear? Porque? Well, the cut, the color, the water temperature, the coffee, and the music. The reasons are endless; many are beyond your control. But, there is one thing you can control: your attitude.

Understand and make it perfectamente clear to all that the one and only reason you are in the salon is to make your clientefeel and look fabulous. And, that you will adjust, correct and redo any work, with a smile, to the client’s satisfaction. This last part, I suggest you display on your mirror, business card, Facebook, and website. Lose the fear of unconditional customer service and become successful beyond your wildest dreams. Few clients, if any, will abuse your policy.

Olga, by the way, returned to her stylist (without a zarape) and was taught to achieve a glamorous style with hot rollers, (remember?) She loved her adapted “biker chica” do, and has sent two new clients to her stylist. Add that up, por favor.

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