IN SYNC: Power Platinum

August 31, 2012 | 10:12 AM
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1. Prelighten the hair. Prepare three different colors. There will be a base shade with an accented fringe. The base color is Gloss Sync 9V (a violet) blended with dedicated 10-volume developer. Begin at the fringe. Direct a ½-inch section forward and apply the violet base shade to the root.
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2. Now apply Logics Primary blue from the mids to the ends.
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3. Cover the ends with Primary blue, red and clear, blended to create a purple effect. This accent shade is applied in fringe area only.
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4. As you work toward the crown, apply the purple shade to the ends for a dramatic, layered shading.
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5. While processing, apply the 9V (violet base shade) to the rest of the hair.
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6. Process for 20 minutes, then shampoo and condition.
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7. Begin slide cutting below the rounds. Start at the front, slide cutting from the lengths along the rounds down to the hairline.
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8. Blend down to the nape, tapering to the ends.
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9. Scissor over comb along the rounds.
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10. Take the top of the hair and lift straight up. Using a texturizing shear, cut in to the ends to soften and blend.
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Stenson and Carver kept the same bold burst of tone complemented with the fluidity of the hair cut. Using the Gloss Sync shades as all-over color, platinum is taken to new levels with a violet hue.

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