LASHcloud Keeps Lashes Dreamy

Valeria Fanelli | September 6, 2012 | 2:17 PM

LASHcloud Keeps Lashes DreamyNovaLash’s new LASHcloud is a crescent-shaped pillowette designed to rest comfortably on your current pillow, preventing lashes from compressing into the bed. LASHcloud features contoured edges which suspend the lashes and the sensitive skin around eyes, while sleeping. Perfect for side-sleepers, it prevents the “crush” of face’s collagen fibers, a phenomenon which happens over time and leads to less-than-lovely lashes and age-adding wrinkles around the eyes.

“The 100 percent natural, breathable silk pillowette’s contoured edges are so versatile and precise, it’s simple to fold into a single crescent to support your neck when traveling or for times when sleeping on your back,” said NovaLash CEO and Creative Director Sophy Merszei. By keeping lashes and the sensitive skin around them suspended in the air during every sleep cycle, LASHcloud ensures that extensions stay luscious longer.

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LASHcloud Keeps Lashes Dreamy

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