HOW-TO: A Halo of Braids

Lauren Salapatek | September 7, 2012 | 9:26 AM
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From session styling to bridal styles to runway hair, Sharon Blain offers customized education to educators and stylists who crave inspiration, education and motivation. Over the past 40 years, she has styled the hair for major brand advertising campaigns and won over 500 national and international awards.

This lesson offered through, is a nod to angelic, beautiful hair. The youthfulness of this look will take your client from a fun night at the prom to a formal, more dressed function.

STEP 1: Make a deep side part on the right side. On the right side make a triangle section along the parting to the top of the ear and clip away. Using Goldwell StyleSign Hot Form directionally blowdry the roots of the remaining hair to the left side of the head behind the top of the ear. Smooth the mid lengths and end with a round brush.

STEP 2: Leave out soft wisps around the hairline and place ponytails into positions on either side of the head. Wrap a small piece of hair around elastic to hide.

STEP 3: Lightly spray Goldwell StyleSign Twist Around on the ponytails and apply hot rollers for body and bounce.

STEP 4: Remove the rollers and brush well.

STEP 5: Create a three-strand braid and work 3/4 down the section. Hold the braid firmly together and gently pull out loops of the braid, working back to the base of the ponytail. Attach a small elastic band on the end to hold once the loops have been pulled out.

STEP 6: Repeat the above and work the opposite end.

STEP 7: Firmly pin a crescent shape padding between the ponytails diagonally across the front of the head.

STEP 8: Direct the braids across the padding from both sides and cover the padding.

STEP 9: Pull out the braids, hold with pins while creating the shape then pin well to secure. Allow wispy hair to fly off the braid for soft texture and spray with a soft hold hairspray.

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