2012 Show Us Your Vivids Winners Announced PLUS Color Formulas!

Lauren Salapatek | September 14, 2012 | 9:33 AM

Pravana has announced the winners to their 2012 Show Us Your Vivids Contest! See the winners below, learn their inspirations behind their styles and get the steps to their color formulas.

2012 Show Us Your Vivids Winners Announced PLUS Color Formulas!1st Place Winner

Amanda Stone from Tampa, Florida

Title: Colorful Bird

INSPIRATION: The inspiration for this hair color/cut was a very brightly colored bird. The way the feathers lay and transitioned into each other is smooth and seamless.

TECHNIQUE: After blow drying the hair, take sections from top of the ear to the other top of ear. Split the hair into two major sections. Everything below the ear was colored with 1oz Pravana VIVIDS Blue mixed with 1/2oz VIVIDS Green. On the two longest pieces of hair, fade the Blue/Green mix into Pravana VIVIDS Magenta mixed equal parts with Wild Orchid on the ends (using an ombre technique). This completes the bottom half of head.

For the rest of the hair sectioned up above the ear, separate into 6 sections, mimicking a “pie” shape off of the top point of the head (think of how you’d cut a pizza into six even slices and slide the lines slightly vertical). Lastly, take a circular section right at the crown intersecting the 6 sections of the pie, so this section would overlay the rest of head.

Color above the left ear with VIVIDS Blue, then move toward the face. Color the next section VIVIDS Violet, then VIVIDS Magenta mixed equal parts with VIVIDS Wild Orchid, then VIVIDS Green mixed equal with VIVIDS Blue, then VIVIDS Blue, and finishing the 6th section with VIVIDS Green.

As for the last circular section at the crown use 1oz Pravana VIVIDS Blue mixed with a 1/2oz VIVIDS Green (same formula as bottom).

After rinsing the hair carefully with Pravana Hydrating Conditioner, put a small amount of Pravana RELAX and blow dry straight into place with a paddle brush.


2012 Show Us Your Vivids Winners Announced PLUS Color Formulas!2012 Show Us Your Vivids Winners Announced PLUS Color Formulas!2nd Place Winner:

Mike Reamer from Hasting, Minnesota

Title: Calm Before the Storm

INSPIRATION: "My inspiration came from the term 'calm before the storm.' If you’ve ever watched the movement in the sky as a thunderstorm comes in, the colors and the movement are incredible. I decided to bring this to an edgy, yet wearable hair style," says Reamer.


STEP 1: Pre-lighten to a pale yellow. Use Pravana Pure Light Power Lightener w/ 20 Vol Creme Developer.

STEP 2: New growth (roots) placed in oval sections around the head. Use 20 grams 9.22 + 20 grams 10.11 + 3 grams 1n + 5 grams Ash Blue.

STEP 3: Foils, placed in various lightning bolt patterns throughout head.




30 grams Silk Degrees Shine Treatment + 5 drops Magenta + 3 drops Pink

30 grams Silk Degrees Shine Treatment + 4 drops Blue + 5 drops Yellow + 2 drops Pink

STEP 4: Mid-lengths and ends use a color melting technique between foils. Use 60 grams Silk Degrees Shine Treatment + 16 drops Silver.

STEP 5: Style. Blow dry with a root booster, shape with paste and finish with hairspray.


2012 Show Us Your Vivids Winners Announced PLUS Color Formulas!2012 Show Us Your Vivids Winners Announced PLUS Color Formulas!3rd Place Winner:

Maria Santana from Riverside, California

Title: My Cotton Candy Ice Cream Pony

Inspiration: Cotton candy flavored ice cream

Technique: Lift to Level 9 (20 volume + Pravana Pure Light Power Lightener for 45 minutes)

Shampoo, Condition and blow dry the hair 100 percent dry.





Proceed with four bowls of Pravana VIVIDS:

1st bowl: 2oz VIVIDS Pink

2nd bowl: 1oz VIVIDS Magenta

3rd bowl: 1oz VIVIDS Magenta + 1oz VIVIDS Wild Orchid

4th bowl: contained the custom formula “Deepest Aqua Blue”: 1oz of VIVIDS Green + 1/8oz of VIVIDS Blue + 1oz of no lift +1/2oz of water.

TRY IT: Start at the crown of the hair starting with the lightest color at root areas combing it through about 2 1/2 inches down, then proceed with VIVIDS Magenta barely over lapping the VIVIDS Pink - also combing downwards with the VIVIDS Magenta. Now the VIVIDS Wild Orchid formula barely overlaps the VIVIDS Magenta then combed downwards. All the ends are tipped with “Deepest Aqua Blue.” The whole application is done with a tinting brush.

Once all VIVIDS are applied go to each color line and massage the colors together at the line of demarcation to blend - all hand-blended. Process for 25 minutes. Rinse for 5 minutes.

To Style: Set into a finger wave to dry for 24 hours. Comb out with a teasing brush once dry. Apply Pravana Silk Degrees Shine Serum for shine and finish with Pravana Super Shape Hair Spray for a voluminous look.

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