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How-To: Romantic Textured Styles Inspired by JSong

Valeria Fanelli | September 19, 2012 | 11:01 AM

How-To: Romantic Textured Styles Inspired by JSongAmerican Culture hair designer Doreen Guarneri was backstage with Pure NV products in hand to create the hair styles which complimented designer Way Zen’s Spring/Summer 2013 Jsong Collection on Sept. 5, at the designer’s New York Showroom. Guarneri created a soft and romantic easy updo with a low side-swept bang and a teased lift at the crown. The sides were gently pulled up, twisted and pinned with the remainder of the hair left long, loose and textured. 

How-To: Romantic Textured Styles Inspired by JSong

The look is easy to recreate in just a few easy steps. 

STEP 1: Begin by choosing which side the bangs look best and clip aside.

STEP 2: Take a triangle on the top of the crown to create the back bump and backcomb to create the height; spray with a humidity shield hairspray for hold. Soften the backcomb with a flat grooming brush, twist and push into place. Use a tail comb to lift and balance and secure with bobby pins.

STEP 3: Take the front sides, backcomb if necessary and comb sides up, taking one side and draping over the middle section first and twist into form. Pull up the other side and repeat process. Pin into place.

STEP 4: Gather the remainder of the hair and put into a ponytail with a hair band. From back, grab a small section of hair and wrap around the hair band to hide it.

STEP 5: Using a comb, backcomb to create a textured effect to the bottom of the hair and fan it out. Spray to hold. Take the front bang and comb out and pull down across the forehead.  Drape and tuck away the ends. Pin if necessary. Spray hair with pure NV BKT Spray Shine to finish.How-To: Romantic Textured Styles Inspired by JSong

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