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Emmy Commentary with Alanna York

Alanna York | September 23, 2012 | 11:13 PM

The owner of Head Games Salon in Portland, ME, and the Founder of Use Me Products, Alanna York was in Los Angeles for events leading up to the Emmy Awards. She shared her take on the night's star style:

Emmy Commentary with Alanna York

It seemed like there were mainly two styles worn by all with a few more unique looks here and there. The sleek, or sleek-soft chignon or bun was very popular, as was hair worn down with waves. Heidi Klum hit the nail on the head, while others were close but missed the mark a bit.

Heidi Klum

Gorgeous dress…Old Hollywood soft waves worn down. Love the look from top to bottom! Since her hair is mid-length, she could have worn it up or down. Does she ever mess up? 

Anna Chlumsky

Hair worn up in a sleek, still slightly loose, low bun.  Perfect choice for the neckline of her dress. This V- neck with wide shoulder dress was also quite popular.

January Jones

VERY sleek chignon at the nape, her makeup and sleek hair was severe, but made for a dramatic look that was not as casual as many others. I personally think a softer look would have paired better with the vintage looking dress.

Sophia Vergara

It seems so very wrong to find any fault with her BUT with her low back and reverse halter neckline, her hair would have allowed the dress to show more if her hair was up! Plus the teal dress was so unique and had a lot going on, I thought the hair deserved a little more of a formal, yet still simple look.

Kelly Osbourne

She took the show by matching her hair to her dress! Very Kelly. Love this.

Hayden Panetierre

Sleek, yet loose/casual high set bun. With a one shoulder dress her hair could have been worn up or down. In my opinion, something a little younger looking would have been better for her.  Since she has short hair, if she had worn it down would have given a more youthful appearance to her whole look.

Julianne Hough

One of the formal looks, worn down with a strapless dress. This was one of the most unique styles I saw. It was perfectly paired with her dress as well! 

Christina Hendricks

Old Hollywood waves. This was perfect--that red hair was amazing with her platinum strapless dress. The fullness of the waves gave it its own unique flavor as well. 

Lucy Liu

Half up with lots of teasing/shaping and fullness in the back. This was one of the more formal styles. With her formal strapless dress made of metal, she really stood out and her hair complimented the look well.

Zooey Deschanel

LOVE it- she was one of the few celebs that looked like they put time into getting dressed! Her dress was super fun and her up-do was adorable!

Giuliana Rancic

Host had an actual formal hair style too. With her strapless dress, her very voluminous ponytail worked wel.

Julie Bowen

Half up, very textured teased in the back, good choice for the dress, but softer texture would have been more flattering for her and more age appropriate.

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