Ken Paves Donates a Day to Support The Trade

Anne Moratto | September 24, 2012 | 12:11 PM

Ken Paves said it best, “We’re giving what we have.”  On Sunday, September 23, I joined celebrity stylist Paves and his team at the Ken Paves Salon in Beverly Hills when they contributed their talents to “Cut for a Cause,” donating a day of haircutting to The Trade, a non-profit foundation helping women in poverty-stricken countries rise above their circumstances by teaching them the trade of hairdressing.  The Trade sends teams of volunteer hairdressers into these countries to educate women who have been abused, enslaved  and locked into lives of prostitution and shows them a way out.

Paves has been vocal about his need to give back, recognizing that the beauty industry survives because women want what it supplies.  And Paves feels strongly that he owes something to those women who have helped create his success.

Ken Paves Donates a Day to Support The Trade

“When we finish our work as stylists, we are thanked, praised and respected,” says Paves. “What can happen, though, is that young stylists forget that this is a service industry and we’re successful because of the women we work with and work on.  So we need to give back to women everywhere by giving what we have—our talents, our capabilities.  What we give is confidence which is the greatest way to free yourself.”

Paves, an active humanitarian who has used his celebrity status to shine light on a variety of causes, joined The Trade’s fight against human trafficking in 2011, also enlisting his friend, Victoria Beckham, in support of The Trade.

Since its initiation, TheTrade has sent teams of stylists to Nicaragua, Brazil and Africa, helping more than 50 victims improve their social and economic statuses. 

“We’ve had an incredible response from salons and stylists nation-wide,” said Chris McCarley, founder of The Trade.  “Being a predominantly female-driven industry, many stylists are passionate about empowering women and have jumped on the opportunity to help.” 

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