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How-To: Surviving Styles of the Hot Emmys Red Carpet

Jessica Galliart | September 24, 2012 | 11:44 PM


The Emmys red carpet is usually a hot affair, but never quite as hot as it was this year. Television’s brightest stars walked the red carpet in 95-degree weather and humidity in Los Angeles for the 2012 Primetime Emmy Awards. Many of the hairstyles held up throughout the evening—and many didn’t. Let’s look at a few of the most-talked-about styles that survived the red carpet, with breakdowns from the stylist on how to achieve the looks for your clients.









How-To: Surviving Styles of the Hot Emmys Red Carpet


Did Julianne’s glitzy seafoam green gown inspire her 1920s finger waves? Stylist Riawna Capri told InStyle she and Julianne were going for a “Midnight in Paris” look. “We wanted something more polished and perfected so we all decided on a finger wave look, which isn’t easy to create,” Capri told InStyle. “I literally painted her hair with the curling iron. It was like drawing a picture, with hair!” Here’s the how-to, as told to InStyle:

-“First, I blew her hair out with Wella’s Flowing Form,” said Capri.

-“Then started my curling action. I sprayed each section lightly with Wella’s Stay Essential,” she said. “Then, I held the iron vertically and curled 2 inches clock wise then the next 2 inches counter clockwise then remainder hair back clockwise. It’s confusing, but it’s the best way to create this look with out getting poofy, allowing the curls to be flat to her head.”

-“Once all the waves were in place I locked it in with Wella’s Dynamic Fix 45 Second Crafting Soray,” she said.

-“Finally, I misted Wella’s Shimmer Delight Shine Spray for a ton of shine!”



How-To: Surviving Styles of the Hot Emmys Red Carpet


“Veronica Lake always had a strong side part, which is what made her look so sexy.” Stylist Peter Butler used the pinup model as inspiration for Claire’s elegant screen siren look that managed to hold up throughout the 95-degree heat with a few simple steps.

-Butler used a frizz control serum and a curl-enhancing mousse to prep Claire’s hair while damp.

-After creating a deep side part, Butler used a 1-inch curling iron to curl the hair in small sections, wrapping toward the face.

-Butler allowed the curls to cool before combing through with the fine side of a comb and breaking them apart with his fingers.

-Finally, he set the curls with a medium-hold hairspray.




Taking inspiration from her ice blue ballgown, stylist Mara Roszak created an old Hollywood chignon for Zooey’s Emmy’s look. “We both decided her hair should be up and off the neck, keeping the hair soft, feminine and elegant.” (And not to be outdone in the precious nails competition, Zooey tweeted a photo of her mini-TV manicure.) Here’s the step-by-step for how Roszak achieved Zooey's hairstyle:

-Roszak began by applying a bodifying mousse to Zooey’s damp hair.

-Next, she blew out Zooey’s hair with a boar bristle brush and set it in rollers to create extra volume.

-To set the hair before styling, Roszak used a volumizing hairspray before removing the rollers and gently brushing out the hair.

-Using a fine-toothed comb, Roszak built up the retro bump at Zooey’s crown, pulled the hair back into a mid-height ponytail and tucked the ends underneath to create a tucked chignon look.

-To finish, Roszak used an anti-humidity hairspray for extra hold.

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