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Emmys 2012: Red Carpet Rundown with Nathan Cheli

Anne Moratto | September 25, 2012 | 12:35 PM

Nathan Cheli, stylist and salon owner, watched the Emmys red carpet beauty with an eye to cut, color, shine and how hair stood-up in the humidity. 

Emmys 2012: Red Carpet Rundown with Nathan Cheli

Heidi Klum
A beautiful version of a 20's look.
I actually like how her hair is sprayed into place, when she moves her head the style is unaffected. Yet, the style does not look frozen. She sure looks like she's beaten the heat.  Her stylist used something like Macadamia Healing Oil Spray to block UV rays and humidity.

 Kristen Wiig
I'm a little surprised at her hair choice. Even though it's styled it still looks as if she has been on the red carpet for 12 hrs.

Julianne Moore
Her very long, blow dried style is smooth yet lacking some extra movement on her ends.  I would have put a little extra movement in her hair or had it completely straight.




Sofia Vergara
I'm not sure if I've ever seen her have bad hair. She could have worn Kristen Wiig’s hairstyle and totally pulled it off.  Her long tresses are soft, moveable and fun. I just want to run my hands through her hair.

Melissa McCarthy
At first glance, her style seemed a little boring, but the more I watched her, I realized that with this heat, her pinned up style was comfortable and necessary.

Jon Hamm
Jon's classic style is pure excellence!
Way to go Jon. He has really set the bar high in class and style.

Tina Fey
Gorgeous hair, perfect choice.  Her hair is pinned in tight but has perfect movement and is a little messy.

Ginnifer Godwin
If her eyelashes were smaller, her hair might not look so short.
I'm not a fan of her hair this short.  

Elisabeth Moss
I actually like her new short cut. Her color could have used a little more dimension. The blonde is fun, though.

Christina Hendricks
Her hair is absolutely gorgeous with her long medium sized waves. Her hair looks touchable and soft. She makes the perfect red head.

Edie Falco
Her long ponytail is so easy to do and is a great choice. She looks so beautiful and her ease of style is breathtaking.

Zooey Deschanel
She is such a tiny little thing. Her up-style gives the perfect balance for her clothes and body size.  I love her hair choice.

Julie  Bowen
Her hair looks like two different styles and too messy. I would have blown out her hair after using Flawless (from Macadamia Natural Oil).  Flaweless would have given her tresses a shinier healthier look and feel without weighing her hair down.

Melissa Rauch
Her long bow-like style is done too long on the end of the bow. It makes her hair look a couple days old. Again, I would have left her hair down with a blown out look.

Jessica Pare
Her hair is classic as well as her style. I would have made her hair a little darker to really pump it up, but she is such a gorgeous woman.

Betsy Brandt
She looks as if she copied my little sister’s hair style from the 80's.
If she wrapped her ponytail into a messy bun it would have balanced out her style better.

Morena Baccarin
I love her style. Her hair is perfect and effortless

Christine Baranski
I love this actress. Her dress choice is making her hair look off.
She typically has short hair and even darker sometimes.
If she had worn a white dress, her hair would have looked better.

Jared Harris
I would have kept his hair cut a little tighter. He has that same 50's look to his hair as John Hamm.  We all love that hairstyle, but can get away from us if not kept clean.

Mayim Bialick
It's great to see more of Mayim. I like her long styled hair. But to pump up the shine, I would have sprayed Macadamia Healing Oil Spray over her finished hair.

Zosia Marmet
I don't like her hair at all. It's too flat and stuck to her head. I would have blown out her hair and put it into a low messy bun. So much easier to do and at the end of the night she could have taken her hair down when it was cooler and had another romantic look to even out the look of her dress.

Sarah Hyland
I love that her hair is carefree and effortless. It's a great style for any age.

Anna Gunn
I disagree with her pulled back bun.  I would have pulled her hair either tighter or made it even looser.

Martha Plimpton
I love her dress, but she could have used some extensions and taken her hair off the super tight look. Her haircut is too short for her.

Julia Louise Dreyfus
Her parted hair makes her look dated and frumpy.

Kathy Griffin
Her hair looks so great today. It's nice to see her sweep her hair up instead of wearing it down. Her hair is beautiful.

Brooke Burke
Here is another easily styled and pinned up hairstyle that anyone can do at home. She pulls off a romantic and fun look effortlessly.

Jessica Lange
Absolutely stunning hair.
Her hair is soft and her subtle waves are flowing perfectly.

Amy Poehler

Romantic, long,  loose curled hair.
I like to see hair down; it's easy, timeless.

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