Clairol Launches Professional Care and Styling

Maggie Mulhern | September 27, 2012 | 10:17 AM

Clairol, known for its haircolor shades and technology, has now entered the style and care world with its new line: Clairol Professional Care and Styling. The line was launched officially this morning at a press breakfast. Over steel cut oatmeal and pancakes, P&G top educator and celebrity stylist Timothy Jerome Walker shared the details of his new favorite products.

"Clairol Professional Care and Styling builds upon the excellence of the color line," he says. "The new collection features PRO4PLEX, which means Pro Technology, Pro Grade, Pro Results and Pro Heritage. It's all about condition and shine. This line supports the beauty of the hair."

Clairol Professional Care and Styling is designed to support three hair types: smooth, curl and repair. Each collection has just two or three color safe products including a shampoo and conditioning treatment, as well as 2 styling aids: "Volume Mousse" and "Shaping Gel". "You can do big things with small things," says Timothy.

The products are available at Sally's Beauty Supply and other smaller beauty outlets.

Clairol Launches Professional Care and Styling

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