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Ask Lisa: Moving to a Men's Salon

September 28, 2012 | 6:39 AM
I am considering moving my clientele, mostly female, to a salon catering to men. How do I market myself and the salon in order to make my existing clients comfortable coming into to a “men’s salon” and how do I reach out and welcome future clients?—Dianne D.

Hi Dianne,

I think this could be a nice opportunity for everyone involved—the owner, the salon staff and, of course, you. The first thing you should do is take time to prepare how you’re going to introduce the new services to your clients and the salon clients. For the salon clients, this can be done by posting signs in the salon and mailing flyers—include your bio to boost credibility. If space allows, create services geared to the salon’s existing clientele, like packages for grooms and groomsmen, or new treatments like a back facial or a gentleman’s skin care treatment. Finally, be approachable and visible to the salon clientele; introduce yourself when they come in for services.

When it comes to informing your existing clients, remember to remain positive and upbeat. Let them know the salon is now going to be offering unisex services. You can do that with new brochures, flyers or note cards. You already have a relationship with them, so the best thing to do is be upfront and honest with them.—Lisa

Lisa Martin, founder of Operation Spa and a licensed esthetician for 18 years, creates strategies and solutions for spa operations, protocol, employee incentive and undercover evaluation programs. For more information, visit

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