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Reflect: What Have You Done in Your Spa to Create the Best Environment for Clients?

September 28, 2012 | 6:42 AM
“We keep our office and treatment rooms clean, clean, clean! No matter how beautifully decorated the office is, if it isn’t clean, the patient will go somewhere else. We treat our patients like family. Our staff knows the patients’ names when they walk in the door, are professional, friendly and provide the best customer service. We work well together, we truly care about one another and it shows. The patients feel the love!”
Rikki Kusy
The Pogue Center, Scottsdale, Arizona

“We believe customer service is the way to give the best environment. We are passionate about our connection to our guests and our community. We have a warm lobby always filled with healthy snacks and drinks that feels more like a living room. My treatment room is decorated with mementos from my travels. Energy affects activity, so a friend and I also “fung shui’d” the room. I didn’t tell my clients, but they noticed! Many of my type-As really started taking time out and realized the power of relaxation—most even turned their Blackberries off.”
Lucretia VanDyke
Vitality Anti-Aging Center and Med Spa, Hickory, North Carolina

“Because we are a skin care studio, our target clients are people who want to receive treatments and education. We have separate areas for private post-treatment consultations, we pay special attention to lighting in the treatment rooms for our body waxing clients and we offer classes for our clients.”
Christine Lucero
York Laine Private Skin Care Studio, Las Cruces, New Mexico

“It all starts on the phone or in the front. If the client is not taken care of there, it could ruin the tone for the entire service. Techs are empowered to offer a discount if they need to, so clients know we want to make them happy.”
Suzanne Kelley
Cottonwood Salon Spa, Edmond, Oklahoma

“I try to incorporate all the senses. I choose music that is relaxing but not invasive, I offer cold bottled water, use candles and have aromatherapy diffusing. The bed is comfortable and warm, the lights dim and the facial gowns are soft and comfortable.”
Tammy Goyes
The Refuge Skin Care, Grayslake, Iliinois

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